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Claire Stening

Brisbane-based artist, Claire Stening , creates perfect illusions of real life – her extraordinary attention to detail and colour has an eye-catching exactness. Her works are reminders of the beauty in everyday – the way afternoon light hits a fruit bowl on the kitchen bench, or the funny little things you collect along the way [...]


New Farm Park

Only three CityCat stops from the Central Business District, the inner-northern village of New Farm has long been a place to connect with others. Relax in the beautifully shaded surrounds of New Farm Park, where picnickers seem almost permanently perched on deck chairs and checked rugs.


NWI Movers

Japanese language only website Based in Melbourne, Australia, NWI Movers specialises in assisting clients either relocating either to, or from, Japan. The company also assists Japanese nationals with moving within Australia and assists with clients wanting to move to or from New Zealand.